Compare And Contrast Whitman And I Hear America Singing

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America is a country that has been through many different times of trials. Wars and disease have spread across that nation several times. During times of depression, though, a group of people seems to always emerge from the destruction. That group of people are the poets and writers of America. Through trial and strife, writers are able to find inspiration for their works, and are able to give readers hope for a better day. Walt Whitman was an amazing writer who wrote several poems concerning the great United States of America, talking about the people that have built the nation up from the dust. But, a group of people that Whitman forgot to write about on most occasions were the slaves and black people of which America thrived. Langston Hughes was a black man in the 20th century that took note of Whitman's poems, and their lack of recognition towards his people. Whitman wrote a poem called, "I Hear America Singing," in which Hughes wrote the poem, "I, Too Sing America," in response. In the poem by Hughes, there are several different ways that the writing interlaces with Walt Whitman's. To begin, Langston Hughes was a very talented writer, and had read Whitman's poems in a college class. When he read the poem, "I Hear America Singing," he knew that he had to write a response to the piece of poetry. In the poem that Hughes wrote, he states, "I, too, sing America. I am the darker brother. They send me to eat in the kitchen when company comes" (Lines 1-4). Hughes talks about

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