Compare and Contrast of 3 Sociology Theories

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Sociology is the study of society. Through the centuries, sociologists have tried to provide an explanation as to why and how humans interact with each other on a social basis. Sociologists have divided sociology into two levels, microsociology and macrosociology (Sociology). The level of microsociology studies is on a smaller perspective, as macrosociology is the study of society on a larger analysis. Today, sociology has three major theories: symbolic interactionism, functionalism and conflict. “Symbolic interaction refers to the patterns of communication, interpretation and adjustment between individuals,” (Baird and Kaufmann) humans will interpret different meanings in everyday life, from having a conversation or using their…show more content…
Obviously a person of poor status would not be engaging with someone of a rich status. The more rich side of the population will gain more benefits from education and the business, providing the wants and needs to their dependents, creating a stronger backbone for their future. I believe, as an American, the theory that best explains our society would be functionalism. Our country solely depends on an infrastructure constructed by different branches of society working together to create a greater picture. We, as adults, pay for taxes that will supply our children with schooling, so one day they too can have a paying job to help out their children through school. The United States of America is quality example of functionalism, especially in the more massive cities like Manhattan or Chicago. Cities are dependent on the interdependent functions of society to keep their society on a sound level. Another aspect of functionalism is the organic solidarity which is most common in America because of the nation’s vast difference in ideals in everyday life which proves to keep the government and society in the middle, or never changing. In any case, if bankruptcy happens to a significant company, the impact will be felt through society and the economy. This shows the flaws upon the theory because it does not consist with the concern of divorce or bankruptcy. As society has proven, we adapt and an independent role takes over, once
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