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BaoPham ENGL 1302 Option 1: Discuss the similarities and differences between the two stories. As I had read the two stories, both of them have the similarities and the differences. Both stories started out completely opposite in relationship The narrators in both stories suffer from issues due to a lack of communication. Their environments were making their relationship hard to maintain such as the car from the street make Karla Suarez feel lonely and the life surround aurora make they hard to meet each other due to the author says they only meet two to four times a month. Both stories are similarities and differences. First I want to talk about the of the similarities both stories are talking about love. Both the narrators suffer…show more content…
This means that he has to do illegal activities for money, so he is surrounded by all kinds of gangsters " Never know who'll lose and comeback with a 9 and machete, looking for a rematch" , this effects his life turn everything into violence. The differences of both stories are also love and issues like the narrator from "Aurora says "We hurt each other too well to let it drop. She break everything I own, yell at me like it might change something, tries to slam the door on my fingers" their love start out difficult in the beginning because their love was not normal, they can only meet up two to four times a month, and she was not really love him until she got caught and came out from the prison "she came home on September"(Diaz, page 62) .Their love is hard but the narrator always waiting for her and love her with everything I know because " Stay away from her" Cut said. and the narrator replied "No sweat, You know I got iron will", the narrator never give up even though his best friend convince him to leave Aurora. On other hand, the narrator of "Eye of The Night", and her lover Jorge consistently spend time together but there is no passion within their eyes. She functioned like a slave as she said "The next night everything went as usual. Jorge sweating on top of me and mepumping faster and faster to hurry him along. Then the pause. A final sigh and
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