Comparing Barak Obama's Administration to Abraham Lincoln's Essay

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Over time there has been alot of president's that has been in and out of the white house. Some of the president's have done a great job in office some president's didn't do so good in the white house. People in general have all sorts of different opinions on president's some people may say one president was the best while another person may disagree. In my opinion out of all the president's there is a man named Abraham Lincoln who i think was one of the greatest president's of all time. One of are president's in the present who i think does not do a very good job in office is president Barack Obama. There are a lot of reason's why i put these two in the catogories i did and in my essay i am going to explain this reasoning behind my …show more content…

Abraham Lincoln was not perfect but he was a great president.

President Obama in my opinion is one of the worst president's to ever step in office. Obama who was born in born August 4, 1961, he is the 44th and current president of the United States. Obama in my opinion can't keep the promise's that he makes. Obama promised to keep the unemployment rate under 8% and making it seem a failure though the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said it saved more than 3 million jobs and prevented a double-digit jobless rate. Obama is forcing american's to have health care not all american's can afford healthcare. They also voted on the Obamacare and people hated it but we ended up being forced to get it anyway and for the people that can't afford it get punished by having to pay a fine for not having it. Obama is not a strong leader at all he has driven us so far in debt that it is unreal. To me obama doesnt seem devoted at all how can you make a health care plan and pretty much tell people if there over 75 there just out of luck for health care in my opinion that is sad. Obama does not take credit for his actions , when he fails to keep his promises he points the finge at somebody else instead of taking responsibility for it. When the United States went into a goverment shut down instead of Obama and standing up and being a leader and figuring out a solution the shut down continued for

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