Comparing Beowulf and Michael Crichton's The 13th Warrior Essay

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Proposal for the Beowulf Movie

That should probably be made cause is would be good.

A quick note On the title: I think that the best title for the movie would be The Wolf or something simple like that, cause actions movies need simple titles or people can’t remember them. I think that is the rule I cannot remember.

Anyway, the plot of the movie would follow the basic skeletal structure of the first part of Beowulf and his battle with Grendel and his mother. The dialogue would be kept simple this isn’t a talking head movie with people sitting in a coffee talking bitching about there love lives this isn’t friends so boundaries should probably be pushed.

To open the movie we will see some sort of panning down from the rooftops …show more content…

So just drinking and a general all around cool like rock stars look to the people would be necessary.

Exposition dialogue about the enemy that is Grendal but like in the current translation they hold off revealing the name so for a few minutes of the movie they should do the same as well. Drinking would continue until a loud bell is rung thus denoting that its time for the races to start. See these people are street racers/demolition derby types with the most sophisticated cars on the planet. Now all these people are rather attractive people a little cocky sure but they seem like nice enough guys and gals. It important to make these people seem nice cause I want the audience to feel for these people a little as a trick of course because they still lead very destructive lives of drug and alcohol abuse but there scamps sort of besides its an action movie so having them be a little darker would be okay. Anyway the next scene would probably be a race between the already established king of the road type and his younger brother. Ok they race through abandoned town and then sometime mid race King or the road (call him Curt the names don’t need to match the book) gets a little heated with how well his brother is doing and so he decides to oops kill his brother. Ok this is going to sound weird but I think that this would set off the Grendal myth that would then slowly

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