Comparing Christian Liberty, Utopia, and The Prince Essay

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Christian Liberty, Utopia, and The Prince

"A Christian is a perfectly free lord of all, subject to none...A Christian is a perfectly dutiful servant to all, subject to none." (Luther Pg. 7) These lines show what Luther is truly about. In Christian Liberty, Luther believes in the reestablishing of God as the inner authority. In Utopia, Thomas More believes the power should be in one group and that the rest of the common people in the society should all be equal like a communist society. In The Prince, Machievelli believes that the power is within the prince. I choose Christian Liberty as the best form of authority because it is the closest to being an honest and true way of authority. Although none of the books portray
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"Is not such a soul most obedient to God in all things by this faith? ...What more complete fulfillment is there than obedience in all things? This obedience, however, is not rendered by works but by faith alone." (Luther page 13) In this passage Luther is explaining the inner man versus the outer man. He is showing that if you trust and believe in God then he will never steer you wrong but if you don't then, "what greater wickedness, what greater contempt of God is there than not believing his promise...but to make God a liar or to doubt that he is truthful? That is to ascribe truthfulness to one's self but lying and vanity in God?"

This quote shows the dismal side of not believing in God and his supreme power and authority. If you were to doubt him whom would you go to for salvation once he gave up on you?

"Man has a two-fold nature, a spiritual and a bodily one. According to the spiritual nature, which men refer to as the soul, he is called a spiritual, inner or new man. According to the bodily nature which men refer to as flesh, he is called a carnal, outward, or old man." (Luther page 7) We have first talked about the spiritual aspect of a person now we are going to talk about the physical aspect.

"Now let us turn to the second part, the outer man. Here we shall answer all those who, offended by the word faith and by all that

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