Comparing Cinderella And Cinderella

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Traditionally fairytales have morals for their audiences. Throughout time, these stories develop themes and ideas that allow readers to discover their purpose. These versions let the audience envision the story from a newer perspective. Modified versions reveal the underlying cause of the storyline and its characters. It is clear that “The Little Glass Slipper” published by Charles Perrault in 1697 and “Cinderella” published by Brothers Grimm in 1812, display the overall modification of the main idea. Within both tales these themes can be represented through the change in time, the overall plot and character development. The newer purpose of modified stories is demonstrated in “Cinderella”. The fairytale originated from the story, “The Little Glass Slipper,” which was written by Charles Perrault. The original tale was reformed through the Brothers Grimm version, otherwise known as “Cinderella”. When analyzing the tales, the reader notices that each story has its own moral, ending and plot. Both the 1697 and the 1812 versions results in a new ending .The original tale concludes with kindness overruling beauty. The second version concludes with the stepsisters being punished for their actions. The moral of Perrault’s version describes Cinderella’s kindness to overrule the cruelness of society. The newer versions such as the Brothers Grimm tale display a differing moral, which is that an individual’s misbehavior will be punished. These endings allow readers to

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