Comparing & Contrasting American & Japanese Marketing Essay

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Competition in the business world is fierce and in order to survive companies must expand. “With the increasing globalization of markets, companies find they are unavoidably enmeshed with foreign customers, competitors, and suppliers, even within their own borders,” (Cateora-Graham, 2007). One way in which many companies have done this is by going global. International marketing, although more prominent than ever before, is still a difficult arena for marketers to master. Although religion and culture are not immediately brought to mind when business is brought up, marketing is one aspect of business that is highly sensitive to culture. Not only culture, but also politics, the economy and the law effect marketing strategies. This paper …show more content…

The Japanese culture demands higher quality products than the American culture. “Americans seem to be able to conduct a trade-off between price and quality, and are willing to accept lower quality goods (discount stores, etc.) for a break in the price,” (Howard, 1999). This is very different from the Japanese consumer, who believes that the labor that goes into high-quality goods and services is the way in which a company can demonstrate to the customer that they are valued. Americans however, demand more variety, lower costs, and faster service. The Japanese desire for high quality, paired with the focus on manufacturing, is somewhat detrimental for Japanese marketing. Today’s business world is fast-paced and timing is essential. While American marketers are able to get their product out to the consumer almost as soon as a need is identified, Japanese marketing is often slower. Another cultural difference that marketers in both countries must take note of is that Americans hold a “cultural worship of the individual and his or her rights compared to the Japanese obligations to its society and the acceptance of some limitations for the greater good of the country and the corporation,”(Howard, 1999). Because the Japanese culture places such high priority on the product that they purchase, Japanese marketing includes high standards for “product quality, durability, and reliability,” yet Japanese consumers also force marketers to provide them with

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