Analysis of the Pros and Cons of Globalization

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Globalization Introduction The continued accelerating pace of change in globalization is forcing an entirely new level of emphasis on individualized, highly targeted marketing across the many regions and countries of the world. Global marketing today must contend with a wider array of constraints, both economic and cultural, that as ever been the case in the past (Gupta, 2003). These constraints fuel a high level of creativity and focus on how to overcome cultural and economic constraints through rapid product development lifecycles, exceptional levels of supply chain integration (Wu, 2011) and greater focus on relationship market over just selling with a transaction mindset alone (Hansen, 2008). The pros and cons of globalization of form the foundation of today's highly competitive global marketing arena, forcing many companies to be more focused on the strategic and long-range over the tactical while compensation for a rapidly changing cultural mix of factors (Osland, 2003). The pros and cons of globalization are evaluated and the unique factors of global marketing also analyzed. Analysis of the Pros and Cons of Globalization One of the most positive aspects of globalization continues to be the exponential increase in job creation and the development of increasingly more sophisticated, high speed supply chain management systems that drive entire industry's value chains. Globalization is extremely powerful in getting companies who had been very inward-centric and
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