Comparing Disney And Disney's The Frog Prince And The Frog Prince

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The Frog Prince vs. “The Princess and The Frog” Disney's “The Princess and The Frog” is based on the original story The Frog Prince written by the Grimm brothers in 1812. There have been many books and movies inspired by the original The Frog Prince, each being different in their own way. The name is a common difference between the original and newer versions of the story, usually modern versions are named “The Princess and The Frog” like Disney's adaptation. Even though Disney's "The Princess and The Frog" and the original The Frog Prince are the same story, they have notable differences and very few similarities; the setting, her status, the story line, and the moral. The Frog Prince begins telling how the princess very often spent her spare time at a well near her castle where she would play catch with her golden ball. One day while she was playing catch, she accidentally threw her golden ball into the well. As she cried about her golden ball a frog offered to help her as long as she made a promise, “but if you would love me, and have me for your companion and play-fellow, and let me sit by you at table, and eat from your plate, and drink from your cup, and sleep in your little bed- if you would promise all this, then would I dive below the water and fetch you your golden ball again.” (Grimm) Even the princess agreed, she left after the frog retrieved her golden ball for her. The day after meeting the frog, she sat, eating at her dinner table only to be interrupted by

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