Comparing George Bush and Al Gore

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Comparing George Bush and Al Gore George Bush has seven principles of reform, only four of which I will elaborate on, for a better quality education in our nation’s schools: (1) Achieve Equality; Just as Bush is closing the achievement gap in Texas, he plans to do so across the states (2) Promote Excellence; Bush believes in clearly defined standards of basic skills plus crucial knowledge. The states should devise tests to ensure that the standards are met (3) Ensure that Every Child Can Read; Statistics show that 70% of 4th graders in low income schools cannot read. Bush stands firm that reading is the pathway to learning and will make sure that every child can read by 3rd grade (4) Improve School Safety; Juvenile gun laws will be…show more content…
I think that the only things that our schools need are (1) Recognizing advanced students and providing advanced education (2) Providing more money to public schools, especially high schools (3) More advanced technology and provide training in more advanced technological equipment. ABORTION In short terms, Bush is against abortion. He believes in pro life with exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother. He plans to set the goal that all children should be welcomed in life and protected by law. He supports parental notification, banning use of taxpayer funds for abortion, and banning partial birth abortion. He also supports the increasing of adoptions to prevent abortions. He opposes doctor assisted suicide and believes that a doctor’s role is to relieve pain and suffering and cure, not to end life. Gore, on the other hand, is personally against abortion but he is doing nothing to stop it!! In fact, he is supporting it by providing funds for programs that inform patients about abortion services in District of Columbia. Keep it in mind that he is personally against it but also believes that it is a woman’s choice and that he has “stood strong time and time again to defend a woman’s right to choose. He also supports the expansion of Medicaid funds for abortion. I am totally in sync with Bush’s beliefs. I am a Christian and I stand firm of what the Bible says and I think that is what Bush is standing for also. Abortion is wrong morally and for me, it
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