Comparing Google Vs. Library

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Google vs library Nowadays, the evolution of information technology has changed the life of people. In research area, people tend to do research online sitting in front of their computer instead of going to library to look for related books. Sometimes people even are not willing to use the online database of the library because they think google is enough. However, the use of search engine like google and yahoo is not as perfect as what people expect. It cannot replace the role of library in the process of research. People need to get out of their chair and go to the library to embrace books there. Here are several reasons. First, it is more convenient and effective to use library database in research than use search engine. According to…show more content…
The ranking system of the results appearing on google remains a mystery but what is clear is that it is related to some commercial profit. Although tagged Ad, this commercial information appears on the top of the results by paying money for google. These advertisements occupy the original place for other information and made the information has preference for certain company. Also, anyone can publish article online and no one will do the work to check if the article published is accurate. So, Open Source information on the Internet is quite common and easy to get misinformed information. (Radcliff). What’s more, although google has a huge amount of information, it can’t include everything. ALA reports that only 8% of all journals and even fewer books are on the Internet. (Radcliff.) It is ok to use google in research process, but it cannot be the only tool people use in the entire research. People should realize the limit of search engine and find reliable source like books and journals in library. Third, there are experienced and knowledgeable librarian who people can seek help for in library. They can ask the librarian for a direction of what they need to find. When people use google to do research, they will get a bunch of unsorted and uncertified information. It is hard to determine whether the article is
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