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Exam: 250635RR - Information Literacy Lesson 2
1. Wildcards
D. are characters that stand for a letter or additional letters of a word.
2. An example of a plain language search is
D. How do I change a flat tire?
3. NoodleTools is a website that
B. provides educational tools, software, and information for students.
4. Using a minus (-) sign in your search indicates that
B. the word should be excluded from your search.
5. Examples of common search engines used for research include
B. Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
6. Which of the following questions do you not need to ask in order to help determine the suitability of a source?
D. "How many images are included in this source?"
7. In Expanded Academic ASAP and other periodical databases, it 's …show more content…

The majority of the search results were websites, needing a lot of extra research to make sure the information is correct and by legitimate sources.
I typed the same search criteria into iSEEK Education, producing a variety of results. I like that most of the results were from government resources and there were several topics related to my search in the side menu to choose from.

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