Comparing High Schoolroom And College Classroom

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Many students know the differences and similitudes between high school classrooms and college classrooms. Students find more enjoyable being a college student than being a high school student. There is more freedom that is allowed for student compare to high school students. In college, the way you take your notes, the people and the class selection are a few examples of how the education in college is less restrictive as the education in high school.
In high school, the classrooms that students take they seem to be easy. They seem to be easy because when a person is in high school he/she can just brush effects off. For example, if someone does not pay attention and does not do anything for the entire class period, the student can still copy someone else’s note and still learn the material because they have the same class for five days in a week. Another reason is that high school classroom gives more the impression of being easy because a student can miss school or a class, not getting penalized and most of the time also because the teacher will go over the material that the student had missed. “High school is mandatory and free whereas college is voluntary and expensive” (Information from high school students). On the other hand, in college, the classes seem to be difficult. The students in college cannot just brush a class off. Well, she or he can, but they will suffer from it, in the long time. For instance, if someone does happen to attend class but has not intention

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