Comparing Hulk with King Kong, A Paragraph

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Who’s green and large and gets stronger if he gets madder. He has a multitude of powers, far more than King Kong Bing Bong. Ol’ Hulk Can do just about anything you can think of. From unbelieveable strength, his incredible jumping ability, to accelerated healing.

King Kong:
Destroying houses with a single step, who clocked in at 145 feet tall in his fight vs Godzilla. He weighs 60,000 pounds and having to take in about 7,500 pounds of food each day. Can you imagine how much protein is in all that food?
King Kong is one giant ape.

We all know one of Hulks main powers is his incredible strength. Except for his grey incarnation, The Hulk can lift 100 tons when calm. In this case, the madder The Hulk gets, the stronger he gets caused by an extra surge. Do to his strength he is able to be resistant to other objects such as extreme heat and cold, bullets, fire, grenades, artillery shells, concussive forces & such. During times of high stress or anger, an increase in adrenaline causes the Hulk's strength to increase dramatically. There has never been a limit shown as to the highest strength the Hulk can reach thus it is assumed it is limitless. King Kong:
King Kong is a great fighter once he gets close, using his large arms, powerful muscles, and mighty fists to strike fear and pain to his opponent. King
Kong cannot be harmed by electrical currents, and instead, feeds on their power in order to awaken him from a state of unconsciousness

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