Comparing Islam And Islam : The Worldview Of Islam

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The worldview of Islam
The question of the origin of life and mankind is both a major topic in Islam and Christianity worldview. The Muslim religion is composed of over 1.6 billion followers who believe in monotheism and one God called Allah. They strongly believe that Allah created the sun, moon and the planets according to Qutb (2015). Just like Christians, Muslim believe that the first humans to be created by Allah were Eve and Adam. Even though Muslims claim to be guided by ethics and to fulfil what Allah desires, the tension they create in the world, their religion raises red flags around the question of the value of life. Regarding Qutb (2015), “Islam claim that humankind was created uniquely by Allah.” It shows that the Islam religion believes in creation and in the six-day creation theory which made it possible for Hawwa and Adam to be made into perfect human beings and creatures on the earth’s surface.
Comparing Islam with Biblical Worldview
There are significant similarities between biblical worldview and Islam. For instance, in Genesis 1: 26, the verses say, “now, let us make man in our likeness.” The Islam also believes that God made humans in a unique way and his likeness. Christianity believes in the Bible as the central focus of their faith and it has over 2.18, billion followers. Also, the biblical worldview of Christians believes that God created Adam and Eve according to Genesis 5:2. According to the Biblical worldview, life is considered as a gift from

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