The Meaning Of Islam And Islam

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The meaning of Islam is submission to one God. The central point or belief in Islam is to believe in the existence of only one God or Allah. The religion revolves around this one belief known as tawhid. This idea occurs in other religions such as Judaism and Christianity. All of these authentic religions speak of the same God as Islam is the reassertion of the revelation of God to Abraham, Noah and Christ. Islam considers these great figures as prophets and they are included in the Quran, the holy book of Islam. Quran which is the word of God says that there are ninety nine names of God which are distributed into Perfection, Majesty, and Beauty. Some of them include: the Just, the Majestic, the Giver of Death, the Victorious, the All Powerful, the All-Merciful, the Forgiver and the Generous.

The belief in the Oneness of God is very essential as the most basic testifications or shahadas state: “There is no god but God (Allah)” and “Muhammad is the messenger of God.” Allah has defined human beings not as sinful but as beings that carry their “primordial nature” but negligence has made them forget that nature. Islam was sent for remembrance of the knowledge of the One. For this reason, the greatest sin acquired by human beings is not disobedience as said in Christianity but it is shirk which is denying the Oneness of God and taking a partner onto God. God has provided the human race with the intelligence for them to know the One and no forget and shirk is a crime that would
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