Comparing King's Techniques To Make His Big Break In A Short Film

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Genre – Drama/Comedy
Duration – 5 – 10 minutes
Target Audience – Men & women aged 15 – 25
Synopsis – In this dramatic and comedic short film a young writer battles every obstacle and undertakes any challenge to write and direct an award winning film. Story Outline – STIRLING BRYCE, a young and intelligent writer looking to make his big break in the film industry makes the descision to enter a short film into a local competition. Stirling has been meaning to enter one of his films in a competition but has always been to scared to fail. Although, upon learning that a major investor is willing to fund the winner for a future production he is convinced that this is his best oppurtunity at becoming a film writer/director.

At first Stirling is excited for the pre production process of his film, but as the hours of brainstorming slowly pass he realises that devising an idea that is completely new and creative is extremely difficult. He researches in detail, various methods that can help him break his writers block. The first one being “astral projection” or better known as an “out-of-body experience”. The second being to go out and talk with
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However, in this despiration he finds revelation. An idea. Stirling has found an idea for his short film and is confident that it will be enough for him to win the competition. In finding this new idea that is sure to win the competition he begins to write.

Charcter Analysis – STIRLING BRYCE, Male, 20

Stirling Bryce, a young writer/director looking for his big break in the film industry. Stirling is often percieved as being a shy, outspoken and intelligent ‘home body’ that spends most of his time writing and working. He is often filled with new and creative ideas to develop into a film but due to his constant working and lack of sleep and social interractions he struggles. Despite Stirling’s mellow personality he is willing to go to, far extents in order to complete the task at
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