Comparing Powaqqatsi And The Hunger Games

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In a study done by the British Security Industry Authority (BSIA), it was estimated that there are nearly 5.9 million CCTV cameras in the United Kingdom; at the maximum end of that estimate, there is one camera for every eleven people. In a separate study by BBC, they found that there were 1,113 CCTV cameras in the London Borough of Wandsworth, which has a population of around 300,000. In comparison, the city of Dublin, Ireland with half a million people; San Francisco with almost 900,000 people; the city of Johannesburg, South Africa with 4.5 million people; and Boston with just over 650,000 people all combined have only 1110 CCTV cameras. Those five large cities all have less cameras combined than one borough of London. With all the surveillance…show more content…
In the film Powaqqatsi by Godfrey Reggio and the novel The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, both creators use juxtaposition by comparing different societal views, along with the London camera example, a question arises, is it possible for a certain way of life be a dystopia to one person, and a utopia to…show more content…
Instead people rely on manpower and nature. When boats are shown on the water, they aren’t massive yachts that are so popular in western culture, they are fairly small wooden boats. Also, these boats aren’t powered by a strong motor, instead getting their power from the people on the boat rowing, or from the wind by using sails. As the film goes on however, more machines are introduced to the landscape. What was in the beginning the job of many people to carry bags of dirt while excavating holes, is now done by bulldozers; instead of using a donkey for work on the farm, tractors now do the job. Once the machines begin to take over though, the attitudes of the people living now change. With the new technology, major cities rise, and in the middle of a large city, with vague outlines of people and cars bustling around giving the illusion that much time has passed, an old man is seen sitting in the same place against a pole next to a street with an almost disappointing look to him of all the bustling around. The disappointment or disgust with the new tech oriented culture that has been introduced is also shown in The Hunger Games. In the book, when Katniss is selected as tribute to represent District Twelve in the Hunger Games, she is taken to the Capitol, which benefits from the resources they steal from the districts. When she is in the Capitol, it is a major culture shock for
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