Comparing The Early Stage Home Page Design

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3.Web Design Analysis
By comparing the early-stage home page design, it is undeniable that Amazon has indeed making great progress of their web design. Presenting more pictures will help to improve the readability and inspire customer’s desire of shopping. Firstly, key area was used to promote their latest discounts and offers during the sales season which will catch users’ attention from the first section. Normally there will be personalised shopping inspiration section (which will be discussed later). However, according to Smith (2014), more than 44% buyers just directly search the product they need without take a look at those offers in the homepage. This result probably explains the reason why Amazon has moved the search bar to the most eye-catching place; Secondly, on the product page, there will be detailed manufacturer product information and customer reviews, apart from this, they offer the features like Look or Search Inside the Book for many books; Thirdly, 1-Click® technology and secure payment systems are designed to enhance their marketing strategies; Finally, the speedy delivery and convenient return policy, as long as the guarantee provided that customer service team will get in touch within 48 hours to solve customers’ queries will definitely enhance their customer satisfaction.

3.1 Fast-load Web Pages
‘Amazon continues to innovate in its quest to be the world’s most customer-centric company’ (Chaffey, 2011). Sergio (2009) suggests that page speed plays a

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