Comparing The Spanish And The Colish And English Colonization Of The New World

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Although the Spanish and the British began colonizing the New World at relatively the same time their colonization efforts were extremely different. Although they had many differences they often used similar tactics in order to reach their goals. The differences include the two nations different reasoning to explore the New World, their relationship with the Natives, and the types of governments that they attempted to set up. Although some of these differences might not seem as if they are very important, they helped one nation do you better than the other one when it came to colonization efforts. First, the Spanish and English reasoning behind exploration and settlement of the New World was extremely different. This also means that the type of people that came from both nations to settle the New World were also very different. The Spanish wanted to explore the New World for what people like to call “Glory, God, and Gold”. Glory means that they wanted the fame and credit for being the first nation to find the New World and settle it. God is a Synecdoche for religious duties. Gold is the easiest term to understand because it means that they wanted riches such as gold. Because of the fact that these were the main three things that Spain wanted to get out of the New World, they only sent over people that would help them achieve these three things. This means that they mostly sent over soldiers and missionaries. The soldiers would use brute force on the natives if they did not

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