Comparing Two Views Of Attraction

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The first of these factors is Physical Attractiveness; it is when there is a liking or having a desire for a relationship with another person, which is mainly attributed to physical beauty. The second one is proximity, which is the physical or geographical nearness to each other. In proximity, people usually would choose their future lovers from the people available to them and is someone who is usually there for them. According to the book Psychology, “when people are in physical proximity to each other, repeated exposure may increase their attraction to each other.” (Ciccarelli 474) The third factor is Birds of a feather, this factor heavily relies on similarity. According to this factor, proximity does not necessarily lead to attraction nor does physical attractiveness equate to a long lasting…show more content…
People often spend more time with people who they can relate to or to people who they have something in common with. It is easier to get to know or get close to someone when you have similarities because you have something to do or talk about now. The next factor is When Opposites Attract; this factor just basically states that there is truth to the old saying “opposites attract,” and that some people develop a relationship with complementary qualities. But basing it on research it does not support this kind of view of attraction. The last but definitely not the least of the views of attraction is Reciprocity of liking; this view just basically states that people have the tendency to like other people who like them in return. Looking at these views, it can be seen that it is not just through romantic love that people choose who to marry. Furthermore, there are different kinds of love and for a Psychologist named Robert Sternberg there are components of love namely, Intimacy, Passion, and Commitment. (Ciccarelli 476) The first of these components is Intimacy, which is the feeling of closeness one has for the other person or having close
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