Essay on Comparing and Contrasting Utilitarianism and Kantianism

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Comparing and Contrasting Utilitarianism and Kantianism
An Analysis of Confidentiality
1. Introduction
Has anyone of us witnessed a team discussing an ethical decision involving a specific case study with many conflicting versions of the story? It is interesting to follow. Some of the debate participants feel so confident about being "right" that they will persist until they win the hearts of their opponents. Some participants will just waffle and attempt to analyze the situation from variant dimensions (Lukas 72). Analyzing a specific Case Study relating to terms of confidentiality, this document looks into definitions of morality under two independent systems- Kantianism and Utilitarianism theoretical approaches. This paper seeks to
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Impartial decisions are made on reason and are void of influence from aspects like rank, gender, religion or even ethnicity. Just as is the case with Utilitarianism, Kantianism equally upholds the importance of selflessness so that people involved in a debate choose to factor in the repercussions their decision would have on their peers. The one uncontested mechanism would involve the gesture of offering equal opportunities to persons involved to express themselves without discrimination. The next stage involves a critical analysis of the just described theoretical systems. We will explore the factors and influences involved in a chosen Case Study where personal influences are involved. Thereafter, we will look into different approaches a Kantian and a Utilitarian would address the issue and the reasons behind. It will be imperative to understand the actual factors influencing decisions under each of the moral systems identified (Lukas 22).
2. Comparative Analysis
2.1 Theory: Utilitarianism
a) Pleasure versus Pain: For a long time, Utilitarianism has been used to refer to different perspectives commonly falling under the semblance of this theoretical deportment (Lukas 43). To take the point of reference closer home, the paper will attempt to sum up the main theoretical perspectives of this ethical structure. For a significant portion, Utilitarianism identifies and distinguishes two absolutes in the universe: pain and pleasure. Moral law is shaped and

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