Comparison Between Animal Farm And Stalin

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Napoleon from “Animal Farm” and Josephe Stalin

It’s impossible to read the book “Animal Farm” without comparing it to the Russian Revolution occur in Russia in 1917. After reading the book I decided to learn more about the consequences of the Russian Revolution and mainly research about Stalin, represented in the book as Napoleon, the leader of Animal Farm and my favourite character. Because I was so intrigued by Napoleon’s character I decided in this book task to contrast him with the Soviet dictator Stalin.

Napoleon, a boar, is the leader of Animal Farm and as described in the book “not much of a talker”. Accompanied by a pig named Snowball he led the animal rebellion against their farmer Mr. Jones. Not long after the animals took over …show more content…

Stalin ruled by terror. He eliminated millions of opposers and suspects in “The Great Purge” in the 1930s and jailed civilians in forced labour camps.
Stalin’s greatest aim was to transform the Soviet Union from a peasant society into an industrial superpower. Therefore, he came up with “The Five-Year Plan” that raised the soviet industrial production by 400%. The plan succeeded and The Soviet Union undoubtedly became an economic and a military superpower; notwithstanding that in the meantime millions of people were starving to death, most of them farmers who suffered the most from this plan.
A good reflection of “The Five-Year Plan”’s effect on the common soviet farmer’s life in the 1930s is the book “Animal Farm”. Napoleon, the animal version of Stalin, also came up with a similar plan: the building of the windmill. Analogous to “The Five-Year Plan”, the windmill plan also had disastrous consequences. As the building progressed the animals received less and less food and worked extra time causing characters such as Boxer the horse to collapse while laboring for the farm’s …show more content…

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