Comparison Between England And Pakistan

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I think these few sentences give a great contrast between England and Pakistan. In england like America, our ‘gender roles’ are much more fluid and grey like our society. It’s expected that a man should cook for his wife so that she doesn’t have to work and come home to cook, and also expected for the women to do the same. Not only that but also grocery shopping itself, must have been a culture shock for them. It mentions later on in the book that they were a poor family, and while they probably were able to buy some foods it wouldn’t compare to the alleys of boxed and canned foods that have become part of our culture. Things like the super market, we’ve grown to not really think about what our lives would be like without it, while they had to grow accustomed to it. While my previous statement was about how different their nation is from Western civilization, it is with these few words I’ve come to think otherwise. That is not to say that they are not different, but they also have some similarities that we may not think of. Just as people in our culture love to go out with a crumpled twenty into the streams of stores, fondling the paper as they decide where to spend it, people in Swat may not be so different. It’s just not a shopping center now, but a bazaar. But once again it is still different and once again so similar. Malala talks about how her father would come to her mother for advice, and be looked on as weak. At first glance, this seems odd. Isn’t that
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