Comparison Between Za Kariah And Omar

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Per Reporter: Za’Kariah and Omar primarily live with their father (Steven). The children decided in 2015 to live with Steven. There are no legal custody arrangements. Yolanda see Za’Kariah and Omar 5-10 times a month. The home looks like Sandford & Son junk yard on the outside of the home. The home is not clean and has an odor. Za’Kariah and Omar stated that they have what they need; however, they are always seen wearing dirty clothes. Za’Kariah and Omar do not have adequate clothing. Za’Kariah and Omar does not have a toothbrush and they are always musty. Za’Kariah wear the same dirty sports bra. There is adequate food in the home. It is unknown if the utilities are on. Za’Kariah admitted to using drugs (marijuana) with her cousin (Keke).
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