Comparison Of 12 Angry Men And Dead Poets Society

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12 Angry Men and Dead Poets Society Deconstruction In the movies 12 Angry Men and Dead Poets Society, there were many leadership traits that became evident as each movie progressed. . Both movies provide similar, yet different, examples of contingency, transformational, and authentic leadership; as well as Aristotle’s Rhetoric related to persuasion. As a leader you will need to know what kind of leadership trait to employ when dealing with a diverse group of people because if you cannot, you will fail as a leader eventually. In this paper I will analyze and deconstruct multiple leadership styles and approaches, and rhetoric styles that can apply to daily life.
There are several Leadership approaches in the movie, the first is the behavioral style leadership approach, and this approach emphasizes the behavior of the leader. This distinguishes it from the trait approach (Northouse, 2016, p. 71). Researchers studying the behavioral approach determined that leadership is comprised of two general kinds of behaviors: task behaviors and relationship behaviors (Northouse, 2016, p. 71). Task behaviors aid in goal accomplishment, while relationship behaviors focus on helping subordinates feel more comfortable with themselves.
In Dead Poets Society is John Keating is a new poetry professor and a Welton alumnae, who wants to inspire his young men to look at the world differently, to "suck the marrow out of life”, and find their own place in the world. Mr. Keating finds this to
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