Comparison Of The Arthurian Legend Of Tristan And Isoud

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Tristan and Isoud The Arthurian legend of Tristan and Isoud is a timeless tale of two people in surreptitious love. Tristan being the nephew of King Mark and his obligation to the chivalric code are the couple’s greatest hurdles inhibiting their relationship from prospering. Isoud and Tristan’s legend changes from merely being means of entertainment about two forbidden lovers in Le Morte D’Arthur, by Thomas Malory, to having a deeper purpose in Cornwall’s Wonderland, by Mabel Quiller Couch. Couch’s version of the tale provides perspective on not only what the couple goes through, but also makes the story relatable to her readers during the time of World War I and women’s rights being limited.
World War I’s impact on people at the time is devastating and Couch knows that her audience is looking for an escape when reading, whereas Malory is simply telling a story for the fun of it and not the details. Tristan becomes very distraught from his loneliness and as a result he goes to Brittany to find “Iseult la Blanche Mains, or Iseult of the White Hands” in an effort to ease his pain of losing his true love La Belle Isoud. In Cornwall’s Wonderland, Tristan knows that Iseult la Blanche Mains has feelings for him and he feels that at least one person in the love triangle deserves to be happy. Tristan says to himself that he “cannot love her as she deserves,” but he will “try to make her happy” (Couch 228). Once he arrives to Brittany, Tristan has to fight an earl by the name of

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