The Acknowledged of True Love in Marie de France’s lais

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The admiration of courtly love is no more prevalent theme in Marie's lais than on “Yonec” and “Lanval”. These two lais are showing very aristocratic views on socially states; love of nobility. A love that cannot be explained by a commoner or peasant that cannot show status has nothing to offer, for courtly love because a peasant has no chivalry. This courtly love is often secret in that a knight and a lady are not married to one another but to a different partner making the story adulterous. That secret at the end makes the story ecstatic and tragic; the adhesive of the story is the passion of love that is displayed making the store ecstatic and the secret is the tragedy that love cannot be acknowledged. The principal argument of this essay is to understand courtly love in Marie de France’s lais. To illustrate Marie’s view of aristocratic as a point of courtly love in her lais she demonstrate her view in two different methods in the book “Yonec” she uses a spiritual understanding to demonstrate aristocratic; on the contrary “Lanval” where she explains aristocratic in the amount of human wealth. For instance, Marie resists in “Yonec”, that “She didn’t know what it was. It flew into the chamber; its feet were banded; it looked like a hawk of five or six moultings” (1344). Marie uses a hawk as unhuman, this is not like a normal commoner but more than that, he is a noble. She uses a hawk since it is as opposite to any other bird to be interpreted as a knight for his

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