Comparison Of The Lorax And The Legacy Of Easter Island

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The Lorax and the legacy of Easter Island dually exhibit a meaning far beyond the colorful depictions of fictional creatures, one surpassing even the extent of the persisting statues towering above the ground. Amidst their disparities, the two tales successfully illuminate the consequences of monetary as well as personal desire and serve as warnings against pursuing a similar objective. In The Lorax and the demise of Easter Island, the horrors of environmental ignorance are thoroughly elucidated. These two societies likewise consisted of ecosystems containing a greatly thriving environment of diverse animal populations who lived dependently on the local vegetation and resources as would be expected. However, as the people of Easter Island depreciated their once teeming population of trees in order to construct the still erect monuments that have gained them substantial fame today, so too did the Once-Ler thoroughly exonerate all traces of the once abundant Truffula Trees in order to fabricate his all-purpose thneeds. Continuing with this slew of similarities as well as factually correct outcome, in both instances the once prosperous wildlife suffered at the hands of the threatening byproducts of these actions such as air pollution, water pollution, and overpopulation. Consequently, these animals such as the Brown Bar-ba-loots, Swomee-Swans, and the native land birds of Easter Island were either forced to escape in order to survive or driven to extinction. The Once-Ler in

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