Comparison Of The Mona Lisa And Leonardo Da Vinci

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Mona Lisa and Leonardo da Vinci are most likely the two most recognizable names in the world. Maybe it is the way her hands are placed, the young woman’s glance, the missing eyebrows or perhaps it is her smile. The Mona Lisa is unquestionably the most famous piece of art in the world. The Mona Lisa was painted by a Renaissance genius, Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci was a man of few paintings but created many drawings; he kept for himself numerous pieces of his own work. Notably, the results of Leonardo’s technique, the woman’s smile, and the mystery that lies within the identity of the woman has brought fame to this masterpiece. In my opinion, from the sixteenth century to the twenty-first century the painting’s fame has enhanced the original painting of Mona Lisa. Leonardo brought light to a new technique when he painted Mona Lisa. He invented the Sfumato technique, which means ‘without lines or borders’. In the sixteenth century, it was typical for artists to use an outline but Leonardo stepped outside the border of normal. The painting consists of beautiful shade and color transitions resulting in a glowing and mysterious painting. The new technique brought on the painting's fame but does not alone make Mona Lisa famous.
The woman who is the subject of this famous portrait is still a mystery. Ostensibly, Lisa Gherardini is the mysterious woman in the portrait. She was the wife of a merchant named Francesco del Giocondo. It is believed that Francesco, the

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