Comparison of my Mother's Leadership to Something the Lord Made

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The movie, Something the Lord Made, sings a paean about two successful men: Vivien Thomas and Dr. Blalock. The movie shows how Vivien, the doctor’s assistant, and Dr. Blalock, the head doctor work together to solve a medical problem. On one hand, their relationship is so enviable that their tacit cooperation is the key to their success in solving the “blue baby” puzzle that has gotten the best of other proficient doctors. On the other hand, Dr. Blalock’s stern, adventurous, authoritative, and indifferent mentoring styles are controversial. The same mentoring style has different effects on different people, and different people would prefer different mentoring styles. Though my foremost mentor, my mom, was as stern as Dr. Blalock is, she is far more prudent and considerate. Like Dr. Blalock, my mon was very stern, especially when it came to matters that dealt with my studies, but she was doing it for my own good. Dr. Blalock undoubtedly is strict with Vivien Thomas. When Vivien made his first mistake during an experiment, Dr. Blalock bursts out and yells, “Do you have sawdust or just plain... for brains?” Although it later unexpectedly becomes the opening of the two starting to respect each other, it first hurts Vivien so bad that he wants to immediately quit the job his whole family relies on. My mom was stern with me too. She had a very high standard about my grades. Also when I told her that there was something I wanted to learn, she said that unless I continuously
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