Comparsion Study of Sexual Experience of Women with Bulimia versus Women with Anorexia

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Michael W. Wiederman, Tamara Proyor, and C.Don Morgan, conducted a study comparing the sexual experiences of women with bulimia vs. women who suffered anorexia. Similar to this experiment control groups in the past have used bulimics and anorexics (Wiederman et al., 1996a). It had been reported that women who are bulimic have greater sexual activity and experience compared to women with anorexia, and are more likely to engage in sexual intercourse (Wiederman et al., 1996a). In addition reports have stated that “anorexia nervosa was often precipitated by menarche and the initiation of breast development, and that the anorexic individual often had difficulty negotiating heterosexual relationships, ultimately retreating from, or rejecting, …show more content…

Also they were asked to “rate their satisfaction with their “current sexual activity”. 5-being extremely satisfied/extremely interested, and 1-being not at all satisfied/ not interested (Wiederman et al., 1996a). In addition “2 hour diagnostic assessments were conducted by clinicians experienced in the evaluation and treatment of eating disorders”, it began with “semi structured interviews conducted by a psychologist”, with the focus being on “patient’s current and past history of eating disorder symptoms, weight, and caloric intakes, as well as social and medical history” (Wiederman et al., 1996a). It “concluded with the staff psychiatrist who conducted a psychiatric interview including the Psychiatric Diagnostic Interview” (Wiederman et al., 1996a). The results for this experiment showed that bulimics were more sexually active than anorexics, with 53.4% of anorexics admitted to having sexual intercourse, and 85.6% of bulimics, and “with regard to having masturbated, only 24.2% of those diagnosed with anorexia nervosa indicated that they had such experience, whereas 51% of those diagnosed with bulimia nervosa indicated that they masturbated”(Wiederman et al., 1996a). The conclusion of this study indicated the same results as past research determining that women with anorexia were less likely then women with bulimia to have had sexual intercourse (Wiederman et al., 1996a). In another study done by Michael W. Wiederman about Women, Sex, and

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