Comparsion of Three Renaissance Paintings and Sculptures Essay

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The Renaissance was big part of the past era even today we still have festivals celebrating the Renaissance. I am going to compare and contrast the difference between three different paintings and sculptures that were a big part of the Renaissance era. The Limbourg brothers were both born in the Netherlands, but worked in France. They featured calendars of religious feast days; these calendars are richly embellished with finely detailed scenes of activities and tasks associated with certain months and seasons of the year. In the first painting called May, you can see a parade of aristocratic gentleman and ladies who have come out in their bright and colorful, bejeweled costumes to celebrate the first day of May. In the painting you can …show more content…

“There were specific criteria for the competition panel to which all submissions had to conform. In addition to the Abraham and Isaac story, complete with all of its figures within a four-lobed frame” (pg 384). Andrea Pisano had already fashioned one of the doors in the 1330’s and the idea was to match the new with the old. Brunelleschi’s version was very expressive and barely contained the Gothic-style frame. In his piece of work you see Abraham lunging for Isaac’s throat with a knife, then you see an angel coming at the same moment to grab Abraham’s arm to stop him from slashing his son’s throat and killing him. “Isaac’s head had been wrenched to the side to expose his neck and his whole body is compressed between the harsh stone of the sacrificial altar on which he kneels and the strength of his father bearing down on him” (pg 394). You can see a ram stuck in the thicket and just lies in front of Isaac and at the bottom you see a donkey along with two servants. “Brunelleschi’s work is by far more dramatic and disturbing, all angels and movement and raw emotion, like nothing that had ever been created before…” [Walker 22-23]. Then you have Ghiberti’s panel that is of the same subject, but completely different in all possible ways. You see Abraham body that echoes the shape of the rock and then lunges toward Isaac in a dynamic counterthrust. In the same instance Isaac

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