Competition Between Ford And General Motors

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Topic: Competition between Ford and General Motors has led to their Success
The Ford Motor Company and General Motors have greatly influenced and shaped the global automobiles industry over the 20th Century. While there are other big car-makers both in the United States and elsewhere in the globe, the two companies have been the commonest and significant players across the entire sector. This research focuses on an argument of how competition between both companies has benefited them.
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One of the most notable outcomes of the competition between Ford and General Motors has been their control of the global automobiles industry. Both companies enjoy have many clients within the United States of America and other parts of the world. This would not have been the case had the two companies not been in direct competition with each other. Whenever Ford introduces a new model in the market, General Motors is always quick to do the same (Ford 14). Similarly, the development of a new model by the latter company serves as a lead for Ford Motor Company to introduce a new brand. This neck-to-neck tussle for the American and global market for automobiles has positively affected the exceptional success of both companies. In most cases, companies tend to view competition with a perception that is more or less negative.
All companies desire to dominate any given market without being outfought or outwitted by rivals. However, the implications of

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