Competition Is Great For Students And Athletes

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Competition is great for students and athletes; it entertains them while also teaching great qualities to have in life. Losing can be humiliating, but kids need to experience it before the age of ten. Encountering failure at a young age only prepares people for the constant losing battle life offers. Learning how to lose appropriately in sports and other extracurricular activities teaches good sportsmanship and makes a person strive for success the next time.
Some may argue everyone at a young age should be a winner so nobody feels hurt and is steered away from trying. During the both summers of my third and fourth grade year, our JVL baseball team had a combined record of 2-26. Losing all those games felt horrible, but it drove my friends and I to become a stronger team, both mentally and physically. Since then, we led our high school team to state after winning the Section 5A title in 2014, and our Babe Ruth team placed fourth at state in 2014 as well. Experiencing failure brought out the best in us and shaped us into the men we are today. Participation awards build up a person’s confidence and encourage him to keep trying even if he failed. They are great at times, but give kids the wrong impression of the real world. In January of 2016, I went with our wood shop teacher to chaperone thirteen eighth graders competing in a fluid power challenge. The challenge consisted of building a machine that could pick up and rotate a two by two by three inch block of wood ninety

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