Competitive Advantage Of Competitive Lead

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Competitive Lead Competitive lead should be focus of organization in the global world. Companies should look at the social, cultural, political conditions and strategic decision making when conducting business in the global market. According to Jessop (2014), a society where knowledge is essential in the global world where innovation is a must for economic growth. This paper will examine the cultural, political trends, social, and evaluate business structures to keep a competitive lead in order to make the best possible decisions in the company. Examining the Cultural, Political, and Social for Competitive Lead Organizations should look at the cultural, political, and social for a competitive lead when determining the direction of the company. Godin (2006) mentioned that ideals have emerged that have persuaded and defined the social and technological policies in the Western world such as innovation, knowledge-based market, and the new market. Society as a whole is moving in the direction of technological, social media advancements to keep up with other companies in this global world. Ramey (2012) mention that technology has change the way one learns, the way one travels, and purchase goods. The phones, computers are high tech for businesses to get a competitive lead. Williams (2009) stated that businesses are influence by socially and politically in how management is conducted. According to Williams (2009), social setting issues comprise the
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