Compuco's Global NPD Strategy and Organizational Capabilities: An Analysis and Recommendations

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Durand make in CompuCo's global NPD strategy and organizational capabilities to ensure that it can achieve its worldwide NPD objectives?

CompuCo is attempting to move from a domestic producer to that of an international producer. In order to achieve this feat, the company must have an international focus in regards to its overall business operations. It is quite apparent from the case, that CompuCo does not have the will or desire to be proactive with its international subsidiaries. In order to achieve greater international success, Dr. Durand must first alter the company culture. First, all international subsidiaries should be treated as a primary business irrespective of their individual performance. It seems, through reading the case, that much more emphasis is placed on French product development and applications that is given to its international counterparts. This is a detriment to business as many of CompuCo's international customers have differing tastes and sentiments in regards to product offerings. The case cites numerous examples of this between both French and American consumers. French consumers, for example, like to read product manuals and prefer complexity over simplicity. Their American counterparts however prefer ease of use, and a simple design. The company was slow to discern these changes in consumer demands and elected instead to emphasize its French product design. This created consumer ill-will and…
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