Computational Model of Neural Networks on Layer IV or Primary Visual Cortex

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Topic: Computational Modeling of Neural Networks on Layer IV of Primary Visual Cortex Confirms Retinal Origin of Orientation Map
Results section Orientation selectivity is one of the properties of neuron in primary visual cortex that a neuron response maximally when particular orientation of stimulus is given. The orientation map is a map showing the orientation preferences of cortical neurons in primary visual cortex. This research provides evidences for support of the theory posit that the orientation selectivity map is a product of a Moiré interference pattern that originates in retinal ganglion cells. This paper shows that interactions between excitatory neurons and inhibitory neurons in neuron network modeled by NEURON simulator having a Moiré interference pattern which results in an orientation selectivity map on the primary visual cortex.
The LGN neural network
The Feed Forward Input Network
The On and Off mosaics of magnocellular LGN cells were created. Examples of the mosaics are shown in the figure 5. The networks act as feed forward input to the cortical neural network. Figure 5. The On and Off KGN mosaics. A) The ideal mosaic when there is no spatial noise.
B) The mosaics that created following the real physiological data constraints.
A shows more interference pattern than B.

Layer 4C of Primary Visual Cortex Cortical Network Model
There are two types of cortical neurons being considered in the model, excitatory neurons and inhibitory neurons.

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