Computer Assisted Learning Program As A Self Learning Technique

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Computer Assisted Learning Program as a Self Learning Technique
* Dr. (Mrs.) Kanchan Dubey, Senior Lecturer in English,
SPKM Mahila B.ed College Jetpur, Rajkot, Email:,

Abstract: Today computer is the widely accepted mean of class room communication and it provides the facility of self learning. According to the objectives of the study researcher has developed a Computer Assisted Learning Program and Programmed Learning Material for teaching Direct Indirect Speech unit of English grammar of standard IX. Findings of the study show that the reactions of the students towards the CAL package were found positive according to their opinions. They would like to learn other subjects by this method, this package was easy to understand, easy to remember, more interesting and stress less, and it was helpful for self-learning and increased their concentration. The CAL package and the Programmed Learning Material both are very useful for self-learning, drilling, revision and diagnostic and remedial teaching in class room. Effectiveness of CAL package and programmed Learning material can be compared with other methods like team teaching, peer learning, Co-operative Language learning, discussion method etc.

Computer Assisted Learning , Programmed Learning, Traditional Teaching, Achievement of English grammar, Experimental Group, Control Group, Effectiveness.
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