Computer Crime And Inadequacy Of Computer Laws

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Computer Crime and Inadequacy of Computer Laws
On 9 February 2015, Moscow-based security firm, Kaspersky Lab, released a report indicating that a group of international hackers stole an amount summing up to 1 billion from 100 banks. These attacks were carried out in 30 different nations by installing malware, which enabled them to gain control of the banks’ internal operations. Although such hacks have been attempted before, the scale and sophistication of the attacks, which spanned several countries over several years, had experts concerned that this represents a new trend (Kaja 4).
Over the past decades, the world has experienced a vast increase in the availability of electronic resources. However, with these advancements, computer crime has become the new form of criminal activity that takes advantage of electronic resource (Michael & Patrick 4). Consequently, these new forms of crime are burgeoning and pose a new challenge to law enforcement agencies at all levels. The question is how do they prevent, investigate, and prosecute these crimes. Law enforcement agencies from the local to the federal level are beginning to institute specific units devoted to handling computer-related offenses. Currently, there does not exist a uniform method to define and address computer crime and computer fraud. Undoubtedly, this has significantly hampered the fight against this vice. In addition, the fact that the public in general, as well as the law enforcers, are not well
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