Comunicative Concept Of Reconstruction In Les Miserables : Present And Transformations

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In order for reconstruction to take place, personal making present and deconstruction must first take place. Here someone sees the other as a physical, unique being and communicates with them genuinely. Throughout deconstruction, problems are identified and taken apart, whereas reconstruction is when someone attempts to help or solve these problems for someone else. During reconstruction, one is “constructing a dwelling place that the self and the other can gladly call home presupposes some past event of groundbreaking” (Hyde, 86). One needs to have a safe and welcoming space in order to help someone solve their problems and get their life back on track. The process of deconstruction and reconstruction continues in order to improve people’s lives, on the other hand, if the process stops at deconstruction so does the chance of someone living a better life. They must turn towards reconstruction in order to solve existing problems. One cannot only be told what is wrong with them or their life, but must also know what they can do to direct their life in an upward progression. When someone is able to experience a person as a whole and yet at the same time without reducing them to concreteness they can then help transform someone else’s life with this open point of view (Stewart, 71).
In Les Misérables, the communicative concept of reconstruction takes place when Jean Valjean saves Cosette from the Thénardiers. Valjean deconstructs Cosette’s situation when he finds her alone in

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