Concept of Love Through Compromise, Communication, Trust Essay

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In our world today, many people has fallen in and out of “love” but the real question is what love is? According to the dictionary love can be a passionate affection for another person. Love can also be expressed in several different ways like love for family and friends or personal belongings. However, there are several important traits in love which are Compromise, communication, and trust. In the early stages of a relationship, it’s not known for couples to fight and tolerate each other’s bad habits because they are experiencing they ‘honeymoon ‘phase. In this phase, relationships tend to go smooth sailing until their hormones for attraction has stopped. Now this is when true love happens, the surviving couples will compromise with …show more content…

Being nine thousand miles away and having a twelve hour time zone difference isn’t easy but they keep communicating with me because they are worried about me and their worry shows how much they love me. The next important trait is trust. According to the dictionary, trust is the belief in the reliability, truth and strength of someone or something. In love, trust is the glue that holds everything together. If there is not trust, it’s an empty relationship; a fools relationship. Taking my personal life as an example, my previous relationship was a failure because my partner didn’t trust me. She went through my phone and queries me about the text messages which had girls names on it and it was a huge invasion of privacy and hurt me because she didn’t trust me. The thing about trust is, it’s hard to earn trust and once you lose it, it’s forever gone. Personally I feel, that in love before you make any rash decisions you should always wait for your partner to be honest with you. If you truly love your partner you’ll trust him. In conclusion, the traits in love that are really important are Compromise, communication, and trust. With these three traits, anybody can live a long and happy relationship or have good relationships with friends and family. Hopefully more people would see love as a simple concept of three different important traits and make the right decisions in their future relationships or make the best of the ones

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