Concepts Of Intoxication And Blood Alcohol Concentration

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1.Explain the concepts of intoxication and blood alcohol concentration. Describe the common physical, emotional, and behavioral effects of alcohol consumption at low and high blood alcohol concentrations.
Answer: Concepts of intoxication and blood alcohol concentration:The higher a persons blood alcohol concentration, the greater the level of intoxication.
*Blood alcohol concentration: It is a measurement of the percentage of alcohol in the blood stream. For example, if an individual has a BAC of 0.21 it means that the 21% of the fluid in their blood stream is alcohol. The higher the blood concentration level increases the more damaging it can be to the individual
*Sex: If a woman drinks the same amount as a man, she will tend to have a higher BAC.
* Body mass: Alcohol becomes more concentrated if people have a larger body mass. This means their blood alcohol concentration will be lower as a result.
* Body fat: People a higher body fat percentage are usually prone to having a higher BAC. This is because fat cannot absorb alcohol like other types of tissue.
Low blood alcohol concentration: The effects of low blood concentration can be felt at a BAC of about 0.03-0.05% and may include light-headedness, relaxation, and a release of inhibitions.Most drinkers experience mild euphoria and become more social.
High blood alcohol concentration: At higher concentrations, the pleasant effects tend to be replaced by more negative onesThe drink often becomes irritable or emotional.When

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