Concerns Over North Korea's Nuclear Aspirations

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North Korea’s nuclear aspirations and capabilities are a major concern for Americans as well as the rest of the World. A concern that is fully supported when looking at the relentless effort North Korea has put into fulfilling its “military first” strategy. Above all else North Korea has made it a point to improve its military at the expense of its economy and its citizens. With the idea of a “military first” system it is hard to imagine that North Korea ever truly wanted nuclear reactors for the sole purpose of energy. More important to understanding this policy, is the history of North Korea. Jonathan Pollack goes into detail about the history and the emergence of Kim Il-Sung following the Korean War, and why Kim felt that “military first” was the best policy for the country. The underlying factor in North Korean policy is that they are fearful; following the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki the World saw what a powerful weapon nuclear bombs are and likewise Kim Il-Sung also did. Pollack makes it clear that it is essential to understand the history and to look at the situation from the stance of North Korea. North Korea views the acquisition of nuclear weapons as a deterrent; if they possess nuclear weapons than countries are less likely to interfere with them. It also makes them feel like they are on the same level as the other nuclear states. North Korea refuses to negotiate if the terms include giving up their nuclear arms. These choices have made their

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