Conditions Leading the the Uprising the Syria Essay

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Studies of Syrian politics have traditionally focused on the sectarian, military and economic foundations of the current regime or its opponents. There are early attempts to frame the uprising with generic economic arguments about poverty, and destitution with regional compares to the case of Syria. Arguments about an oppressive authoritarian doesn’t explain why the uprising happened now, why not before? Few studies, however, have paid attention to the cultural basis of this regime and to cultural forms of resistance against it. There is little doubt that the series of uprisings that erupted the Arab World in 2011 (collectively referred to as the “Arab Spring” constitutes a landmark in the modern history. Like any other major event in …show more content…

Slogans, symbols and images were inspired by each other and traveled easily from country to country just by the ability of the youth throughout the Arab world whom were able to understand, communicate and report what the protestors in Tunisia and Egypt did. Graphic pictures and videos were shared for the whole world to watch, but most importantly, videos of Tunisia and Egypt expressing emotionally their joy now that their rulers stepped down and that it was viral on social networking websites, reaching to other Arab nations. This depicted the very possibility that the Arab world enjoyed a common culture and a common desire, a common goal, despite all of the other differences. The wave of pan-Arab solidarity that spread all over the Arab world as a result of the Tunisian, Egyptian and then Libyan, Yemenite and Bahraini uprisings. These feelings of solidarity are not nationalist in the Nasserist or Ba’thist sense (they did not call for Arab political unity, but they firmly asserted a concrete state of commonality between Arab countries). However, the uprising slowed to a halt because most foreign TV stations, news agencies, and other media outlets were banned by the Syrian government (Thompson, 2013) from covering the uprising, which forced them to rely extensively on local activists to obtain various types of information news, statistics, images, videos, etc about the ongoing events. The Syria

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