Condom Use A Method Of Birth Control

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Condom Use a Method of Birth Control Introduction The purpose of this instrument is to evaluate a health belief model based on condom use intervention targeting undergraduate students. Research studies have been done to measure the number of people who use condoms as a form of contraception (Moore & Melkote, 2009). Research studies show condom use and other prevention methods can reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), and protect against pregnancy (Moore & Melkote, 2009). HIV/AIDS Risk among College Students in the United States was a study similar to the instrument survey I created. The study focused on the correlation between condom use and the use of other forms of birth control at last intercourse (Moore & Melkote, 2009). Research data showed that the women used condoms to prevent pregnancy during intercourse (Moore & Melkote, 2009). The audience for my instrument consists of African American college women and men involved in heterosexual relationships in an undergraduate program, attending a public university in the United States. Adults in college are subject to catching STD’s, and HIV through unprotected sex (Moore & Melkote, 2009). The health behavior theory used in this instrument is the health belief model. The health belief model: Perceived Susceptibility, Perceived Severity, Perceived Benefits, Perceived Barriers, Cues to Action, Self-Efficacy (Bandura, 2001). The self-efficacy focus on an individual’s confidence in their ability to

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