The Health Belief Model Of College Students

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In the 1950’s the health belief model (HBM) was introduced to explain why people who are healthy, continue to participate in activities that keep them free of illness; while others neglect to be involved with healthy activities (Pender, Murdaugh, & Parsons, 2015). PubMed was used to find this article with the limitations of an article written in the last five years, humans, and English; the Mesh words used was health belief model. The article Applying the health belief model to college students’ health behavior, written by Kim, Ahn, and No, in 2012, reviews the study done to explain the use of HBM on college students and healthy students. This paper will discuss the use of the health belief model, in college students, to determine if their knowledge of nutrition will affect their healthy behaviors.
Kim, Ahn, and No used a quantitative method was used examine multiple factors of the study. A collection of 251 questionnaires were given to six different classes via online learning system or class email. The questions addressed nutrition confidence, susceptibility, severity, barrier, and benefit of the intent to eat healthy and the intent to do physical activity. Two pilot studies to determine if the respondents could understand what was being tested and to check the validity of the study.
The healthy belief method was demonstrated with this study. The study demonstrated that the impact of health beliefs on behavior showed a direct relationship between health

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