Conducting Business with Australia Essay

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As being the world's smallest continent and the sixth largest country with the lowest population density in the world, Australia is often overlooked as being a major place to conduct business with. However, over the years Australia has proven itself to be an appealing and profitable market for American companies, with its few barriers to entry and straightforward business culture. Australia is relatively easier for the United States to conduct business with than other countries such as China, France, etc., as there is no need for translators. Australians speak English, although it does have a distinctive accent and vocabulary. The first step in conducting business with Australia is making an appointment. Appointments are easy to …show more content…

If women wear too much jewelry and/or makeup, it can be seen as extravagant and trying to show off. Australians are always glad to explain the dress code to anyone who is unsure. Australians are tolerant if someone from another country chooses to wear his or her national dress. When conversing with Australians, one should always make direct eye contact, as they consider it a sign of respect and indication that the person is listening. Long introductions are not needed. Australians like to focus on the task at hand and talk business from the beginning. Negotiations are usually short and to the point. Written agreements are relied on when doing business to prevent misunderstandings and other potential problems. Australians do not hesitate to say no. They communicate directly and are always straight-forward. Most subjects are fine to converse with Australians about, though a few can be controversial. Acceptable subjects to talk about are sports, the weather, or anything related in a positive way to Australia. Religion, politics, and sex should not be brought up. Australians have a tendency to find arguments and opinionated conversation entertaining, so views should always be expressed if they are sincere and informed. Topics that should be avoided include migration and aboriginal issues. Aboriginal issues deal with indigenous Australians that were dispossessed of their land, and in some cases abused and murdered. Topics like

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