Conflict Between Education And Education

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Conflict In Education Essay
Education has been through broadly and quite significant changes since the early days in 1840s when a systematic educational structure was created by reformers like Horace Mann and Henry Barnard that helped create statewide common-school systems.The motivation behind the building of public schooling in the mid nineteenth century was to create social stability. They hoped that by making education available for all, it would help the diverse population have more things in common while also minimizing poverty and crime. Public education would additionally help better prepare the next generation, allowing for more opportunities in their future. Since then, the American educational system evolved and has made much progress. Rules were created and put in place, opportunities for public education and higher education are available to all, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. Much has been accomplished, but there are so many more changes and improvements needed. The education privilege did not reach the actual status quo without a number of memorable conflicts, the racial one being the most well-known. It is necessary to recall that at the beginning only white males were allowed to attend school. Education was not only restricted to people of other races, but also female gender was not granted access to schools. In regards to education in the 18th century Tozer, Senese & Violas stated that “During this period the primary goal…
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